Following Bill
On the week of July 24, 2016, Bill will be riding his bicycle across the state of Iowa, from Glenwood (near the Missouri river) all the way to Muscatine on the Mississippi. He is joining 10,000 other riders in the Great Bike Ride Across Iowa, also known as RAGBRAI. This site has been set up to track his ride.

The main map shows Bill's first position of the day with a green marker and the last reported position with a black marker. Intermediate reporting points are indicated with a yellow circle, and a red line connects the points. Place your cursor over any of the yellow circles and you will see the elevation and speed reported at that point. The position is updated every minute. Autopan is enabled by default and will automatically reposition the map with every update to put the most recent position in the middle of the map. You can see tracks from previous rides, including the last time Bill rode RAGBRAI in 2011, by selecting a date from the dropdown menu to the right of the map.

The position is reported by an application running on Bill's iPhone called FollowMee. The app sends the GPS position to the service every minute, and this web site grabs the position via the FollowMee API. The browser updates the map every 30 seconds. This web site is written in Ruby on Rails.

Here is the current schedule for the 7 days of RAGBRAI:

Sunday, July 24 Glenwood to Shenandoah (50 miles)
Monday, July 25 Shenandoah to Creston (75 miles)
Tuesday, July 26 Creston to Leon (58 miles)
Wednesday, July 27 Leon to Centerville (65 miles)
Thursday, July 28 Centerville to Ottumwa (52 miles)
Friday, July 29 Ottumwa to Washington (68 miles)
Saturday, July 30 Washington to Muscatine (50 miles)